Newborn Baby Surrendered in a Safe Haven Baby Box meets founder

As 2017 comes to a close, I look back on the year and my life with a huge smile on my face. The organization I founded, Safe Haven Baby Boxes, achieved more in 2017 than I could ever dream of.  I look at my life today and think to myself “How blessed am I”? You […]

Update on Ashley and Aiden

At some point in our lives, most of us will face a decision that has the potential to alter the course of our lives and the lives of those around us. Just such a decision faced 13-year-old Ashley after she was raped and became pregnant by her attacker. In an act of courage, she assisted […]

My Biggest Regret that took my Best Friends Life

Today I sit in a prison cell a broken man. A man that wishes every waking minute of every day that I could go back to May 26, 2016, and make a different choice. The choice I made to drink and get behind the wheel of a car with my best friend by my side […]

Why Safe Haven Baby Box Locations need to be promoted

Before abortion was legal in our country, young women and their families were ashamed of being pregnant out of wedlock, because having sex outside of marriage was still viewed as a negative choice by the culture. If you became pregnant in 1965 and you were not married, you usually went to visit “an aunt” for […]

From my first breath to her last

There are moments in our lives that define us–that push us, sometimes kicking and screaming, to be the person we are or to realize the person we could be. For some, it’s a series of life events, but for others, it’s a single, defining moment of clarity that hits you like lightning from the Heavens. […]

Baby saved from Abortion

Seeing the fruits of our labor doesn’t happen everyday in the pro-life community. But when a baby is saved from abortion, all glory be to God!   June 10, 2013 started out like any other day at “Allen County Right to Life” in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Everyone was working on projects for upcoming events. I […]

The Death of a Son, Saves Two Little Girls

The death of a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. We go through this life believing that our children bury us, not that we will bury our children. That somehow we will always out live our children.  But for my parents, their worst nightmare came true. My brother’s death was undeniably the worst day of […]