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Advocacy can bring change, understanding, discussion, and new perspectives.

It is important to recognize, especially within the pro-life movement, that all lives have value. In cases like my own, it is not just about changing hearts and minds outside of the pro-life movement, but also within. It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of individuals who say they are pro-life will make an exception for someone who conceives from rape or incest.

In reality, this is simply misplaced compassion. Children such as myself still have immense value. It is about helping both mother and child, not one over the other.
Monica Kelsey has the heart and passion to connect with audiences in any venue to convey the immeasurable value of every human life. Conceived in rape, Monica’s biological mother not only made the courageous decision to give her life but also instilled in Monica the compassion and courage to tell their story. Monica is a spark plug not only talking about the life issue but also investing many hours as a volunteer on the front lines to save unborn boys and girls in danger of losing their lives to abortion.
—Cathie Humbarger, Director of Allen County Right to Life

About Monica Kelsey

Today Monica is standing on the front lines defending the innocent children that are targeted for abortion and abandonment. Monica also founded the organization Safe Haven Baby Boxes, the only safe haven organization that is saving abandoned babies through electronically monitored boxes installed in fire stations and hospitals. Monica is also a firefighter and medic out of Indiana and spends her spare time saving the lives of strangers as well. Monica’s mission is simple, protect all human life from conception till natural death.

Monica has appeared on numerous radio programs, commercials, videos and has spoken at conventions and rallies around the world. Monica has been sharing her pro-life views with millions of people since February 2011 and works diligently to support pro-life legislators who take a stand to defend the lives of children conceived in rape.
It was a pleasure to have Monica Kelsey from Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. as our keynote speaker at the 39th March for Life in Little Rock on Sunday, January 22nd. Her personal story of the rape of her biological mother that resulted in Monica’s conception to the rejection of abortion but ultimate abandonment of Monica just after her birth has led Monica to be a powerful voice for the Safe Haven Laws that protects the lives of both mother and child. She is a staunch advocate for children conceived in rape that are often given the “death penalty” of abortion for the crime of their father. Monica has devoted her life to defend and protect newborns who are abandoned so that they may survive and thrive by adoption into a loving home with adoptive parents. She is a living witness for the dignity of life as she shares her courageous story with the world. Monica Kelsey is a life-saver!
—Rose Mimms, Executive Director of Arkansas Right to Life

Blessed to Have Been Abandoned
The Story of The Baby Box Lady

She went from being ABANDONED, to saving abandoned babies.

Poignant, brutally honest and triumphant; Blessed to Have Been Abandoned is the true story of Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Follow Monica’s story as she discovers the secrets of her painful beginnings, the painful journey of her birth mother, wrestling with being abandoned as an infant, yet being given the gift of an amazing forever family. Watch as Monica’s personal struggle births the vision for a national organization that is saving the lives of abandoned infants across the United States.

A heart wrenching yet ultimately victorious story, Blessed to Have Been Abandoned will take you through the pain, struggle, valleys and mountain tops of Monica’s life, all of these pointing to the amazing hand of God. A testimony to God’s faithfulness and His plan and purpose, this book will encourage your own heart and help you find purpose through pain and we trust it will bring Glory to God, the Author of each one of our complicated, messy and inspiring journeys.
“Monica Kelsey’s Blessed to Have Been Abandoned: The Story of the Baby Box Lady is an uplifting inspirational story of how one woman answered God’s call on her life, transforming her difficult beginning into a mission to protect the most vulnerable among us in her home state and beyond. It’s exactly the kind of story we need. Highly recommended!”
-J.J. Hebert, #1 bestselling author

JJ's Story

We don’t always know the plans that Christ has for us, and sometimes the heartache is too much to bear.
But when you take a tragic event, and turn it into a teachable moment, Christ will give you the path.

This is the tragic story of Monica’s son and his best friend Casey.

What began as a typical evening around a bonfire at a small-town graduation party, ended in unthinkable tragedy and a crime scene.

“Never Leave a Brother Behind” follows two best friends who decide to push the limits after drinking a few beers and ends with one pinned under a vehicle while the other, all alone, desperately attempts to save his best friend’s life.

This documentary will take you through the worst night of one young man’s life, a mother’s worst fear and the consequences of a decision that will follow everyone involved….for the rest of their lives.

Monica Kelsey

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